This website contains copies of numerous documents developed on current educational topics relevant in today’s highly charged educational environment.  Education today is at the center of national criticism asking: “What happened to our premier educational system?” The educators themselves are asking: How do we teach with a steady erosion of the content and processes of education, and the high cost of low skills performance and the perceived dismantling of the education system by sections of the corporate and political establishments?  The big worry is that this “destabilization” of the reputation of public education is undermining social and economic cohesion and innovation in this country.

The success of all students is now a national imperative, yet we have not developed a pervasive public policy or institutional culture of success.  The development of a citizenry with abilities in newly defined 21st Century Skills is a key educational priority.  The focus on skills development ,found in the documents here, is a critical area of research, policy and practice.

This website is dedicated to responses to the core questions of today: What new research and teaching-learning models are being developed to cause the transformation of education as the platform for sustained national prosperity and educational success?

We need to change the messaging of the education system and re-discover its confidence factors in exciting initiatives and innovation resting on a partnership, which emphasizes the education dimensions of national prosperity.  WE ARE CALLING THIS A NEW EDUCATIONAL CONVERSATION.  JOIN US IN THIS EXCITING EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGE AND ACTIVITY.